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July 15, 2022
A Midsummer’s night dream or a Tale of Two Cities?

There is so much ground to cover and so little time. So as each day gets shorter, the countdown begins for the best and worst days of the year.
First, I must always count my blessings.
My daughter is on her way to a full recovery. Although the cause of the brain lesions remains unknown, she kills it on all healing fronts.
I have a supportive family, friends, and this extended UX family that go far beyond words and kindnesses. It is so hard to put my gratitude for the many folks who have shared stories and a genuine concern for my family’s welfare. It physically warms my heart.
The UX is busier than it’s ever been. We are doing an okay job keeping up. I’d give us a high 8 out of 10.
We have had to do away with reservations; even with a semi-full staff, things come up, people get sick, and people go on vacation- (a strange phenomenon, but I’m looking into it). So, we adjust and evolve. It’s just the way it is.
I adore my staff; they have been with me for years; I can’t, imagine-although I’m going to have come to grips with the fact that these brilliant young women and men are all leaving me a few at a time beginning mid-August. I need to hire people, and I have put it off, but I’m looking for a particular skill set. 
If you know people with the following attributes, please encourage them to apply. I want to start training new folks in the first week of August.
Aside from kitchen skills: knife, lifting heavy things, cleanliness, pride in work, and work ethic, prospective candidates must have:
A sense of humor-dark is okay and encouraged.
A passion and appreciation for kindness, humans, the outdoors, animals, sustainability, music, and the arts
Also, a strong understanding of supporting local farms and organizations and their significance. Highlighting what can be sourced locally means changing the menu on a dime which can be either a delightful challenge or a source of frustration for the wrong candidate.