Dinner Menu

To honor our guests that  have made reservations and because the special items are limited we do not allow carry-out.  Almost everything is available on the dinner menu–the only exception is the wildcard charcuterie board. Thank You.  The dinner menu follows the specials menu. 

 Specials for Wednesday November 13!


smoked white fish and chorizo sausage soup— cup 5/ bowl 11
with yukon gold potatoes, bell peppers in a smokey, slightly spicy coconut broth

purple top turnip fries/9
potter hill’s purple top turnips flash fried and served with a house made ranch dressing 

cajun chicken –salad/15
arugula tossed in our house dressing with  red bell pepper and scallions topped off with cajun chicken and a dollop of  herb/spiced sour cream


the italian hawaiian/19
prosciutto de parma & juicy fresh pineapple over a our classic red pizza w/a few chili threads for a mild-peppery zing


butternut rigatoni alfredo/17
foppema’s farm fresh butternut squash, garlic, red pepper flake, heavy cream & parmigiano reggiano

sweet basil and pine nut pesto with shaved fennel /14
sweet basil, evoo, pecorino romano cheese and a little red pepperflake emulsified into a clingy pesto with spaghetti and shaved fennel


baked mac-n-cheese/15
mild and sharp cheddar with a buttery crumb topping

chicken pot pie/16
with carrots, peas, onions in a thick chicken gravy capped with a puff pastry shell


Dinner Menu

tappas, small/large plates

mixed greens/sp 4 lp 7
with: tomatoes, olives, banana pepper rings, red onion-tossed in house dressing-evoo, vinegar, oregano, salt, pepper

antipasto/sp 8 lp 14
above w/Italian cured meats cheeses marinated mushrooms artichokes (anchovies in EVOO by request)

curried cashew pear and grape/sp 7 lp 11
mixed greens toasted-curried cashews pears grapes bacon honey dijon dressing

mussels bianco/15 
evoo, garlic, pepperoncino, parsley, white wine and PEI mussels 

crater taters/7 + bacon/8
parboiled then lightly fried yukon gold potatoes-black truffle salt, american grana cheese

roasted caulilflower steak/7
cross section(s) cauliflower brushed w/seasonings slowly roasted & served with house-made hummus

crispy artichoke hearts/7
basted w/ EVOO roasted until crispy served with house-made hummus

whipped feta and roasted cherry tomatoes/ sp 7 lp 11
feta whipped with a little EVOO and fresh cracked black pepper topped with roasted tomatoes served with house-made pita bread

loaded hummus/ sp 7 lp 11
with kalamata and Sicilian olives cucumbers, feta, and tomatoes with house-made pita bread

burrata caprese/11
Burrata is a fresh Italian cow milk cheese made from mozzarella & cream-the outer shell is solid mozzarella, while the inside contains stracciatella & cream, w/tomatoes, basil EVOO & balsamic glaze–as we shift into winter the tomatoes will change to roasted roma tomatoes


the bread is a cross between pita and foccacia, made with a little extra evoo, pressed with herbs and sesame seeds and stuffed with mortadella, mozzarella, tomato and arugula

the wildcard  chacuterie board/16 -not available for take-out
it’s meant to be shared…local cheeses, cured meats, artichokes, olives honey and hummus…a little of this that & then some!  Check our facebook page for updates on what will be on the wildcard weekly

small plate 9 large plate 16 unless noted

gluten free option
trippa finta thin strips of frittata with parmigianno reggianno and pecorino romano cheeses
gluten free and dairy free options
roasted cauliflower or sauteed spinach- with garlic and EVOO

a l f r e d o
butter, garlic, a hint of freshly grated nutmeg, pecorino romano,
parmigiano reggiano, heavy cream

b o l o g n e s e
beef, pork, carrots, celery, onion, red wine, crushed tomatoes, a splash of cream, pecorino romano cheese

m a c a r o n i  a n d  m e a t b a l l s
voo, garlic, peperoncino, crushed tomatoes, pecorino romano, basil

papa tony’s vitamin g carbonara
veggie g -omit bacon & add two veg
bacon – a little heavy on the garlic (hence vitamin g)white wine, peas, pecorino romano, farm egg, splash of cream, parsley

p u t t a n e s c a
anchovies, garlic, sicilian & kalamata olives, capers, sun-dried tomatoes,
san marzano tomatoes, parsley

s a u s a g e  in  v o d k a  s a u c e
house made fennel-sausage, fresh rosemary, caramelized onions, vodka, crushed tomatoes, splash of cream, pecorino romano cheese

t u s c a n  c h i c k e n
cast-iron-pan seared chicken with sun-dried tomatoes spinach in a savory tuscan butter cream sauce

Clams aren’t always available thanks for appreciating our commitment to only serving the freshest food-check the black board for harvest dates & where your clams are from!

vongole “white clam sauce/18
evoo, garlic, peperoncino, dry oregano, fresh parsley, whole clams in shell, white wine,

red clam sauce/18
same as above & anchovies, capers, red wine crushed san marzano tomatoes

mussels bianco/15 with pasta/17
evoo, garlic, pepperoncino, parsley, white wine and PEI mussels 


Create your own! Our red pizzas (AKA CHEESE)/14
begin with crushed san marzano tomatoes lightly seasoned w/oregano & freshly torn basil and fresh shredded mozzarella

….all but the funghi start with a drizzle of EVOO and bed of
fresh shredded mozzarella

gluten free cauliflower crust available /3


curried cashews, pine nuts, walnuts

 fruit or veg
apples, arugula, banana peppers, caramelized onion,
kalamata olives, pears , portabella mushrooms, red onion,
roasted red peppers, scallions, spinach, sundried tomatoes,
fresh tomato

cheese & dairy
farm egg, feta, fresh mozzarella
gouda, gruyere, parmigiano reggiano,
pecorino romano, provolone, ricotta,  shredded mozzarella

bacon, capicola, chicken
meatballs, mortadella, pepperoni,
prosciutto, sausage, sopressata

signature pies

(w)loaded baked potato pizza/18
herbed baked potatoes, cheddar, smoked gouda, bacon with a dollop of sour cream and chives

(W) miss meena’s pie/21
cheese: mozzarella, gruyère, gouda, & goat with chicken & carcofi (artichokes) & bacon, finished with fresh arugula & balsamic glaze

(W) funghi/18
gruyère, apple, rosemary-infused portabella mushrooms, caramelized onions

(R) harvest/18
roasted grape tomatoes, portabella mushrooms, fresh basil, scallions, fresh mozzarella, bacon, arugula, balsamic reduction

(R) margherita/16
fresh pomodoro tomato sauce, mozzarella, freshly torn basil, hint of oregano

(R) murica/18
tangy tomato base, spicy rubbed chicken, red roasted peppers, peppered-candied bacon, caramelized onions

(R) pete’s chicky chicky bang bang/18
house-dressing- marinated-chicken peppered-candied-bacon, gouda, scallions

(W) spinaci mostarda/18
spinach sautéed in garlic yellow black mustard seeds with ricotta “kisses” a drizzle of honey

(R) the uxbridge/18
house-made sausage red peppers red onion

Thank You