Foodies of New England

Foodies of New England is a magazine focused on the cuisine scene in New England. The magazine hails to diners in the area by way of profiling restaurants, chefs, and industry-related news. A regular recipe section and columns on farms, beer, wine, and specialty drinks round out the publication, making it a must-read for those who must eat and eat well. The uxLocale owner and chef de cuisine Elaine Pusateri Cowan has been a fixture in the magazine since its inception. You can find Foodies at Barnes and Noble, Wegmans, and several other fine stores throughout New England and in New York. Below you’ll find every issue that links to the digital version of the magazine, with the stunning photographs by Erb Photography.

Click on the covers below to see Elaine’s articles:

Foodies of New England Summer 2014 Ethnic Greatness

Foodies of New England Summer 2012 New England Seafood

Foodies of New England Summer 2015 Culinary Getaways