Nightly Specials

Wednesday, June 19

coconut lentil cauliflower curry soup/5/9
warm spices, cumin & coriander in a chunky thick belly-warming soup

coconut ginger shrimp soup/5/9
brothy & creamy coconut broth with shrimp, Thai basil, cilantro & mushrooms

beetroot & goat’s cheese terrine/11
add side salad/13 add pesto pasta/15

thinly sliced beetroot, layers of goat cheese toasted sage leaves & walnuts

eggplant terrine/17
layers of roasted eggplant, butter panko bread crumbs, ricotta cheese, mozzarella, american grana & marinara sauce served with spaghetti

lemon & thyme wood fired roasted half chicken/17
brined, rubbed then roasted in our wood-fired oven until crisped on the outside but super juicy on the inside.

brie pear walnut honey-pizza/18
juicy bosc pears on a white pizza with shredded mozzarella and finished with fresh arugula